TSS Cabinet Nominations Report – Updated 5/15/2017

The 115th Congress has witnessed a flurry of activity since it convened on January 3, 2017.

Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives started the year by naming chairs and allocating committee seats to incumbents and new members.

The two chambers also passed a Republican-led budget resolution laying the groundwork for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act through a process called reconciliation.

Additionally, the Senate has been busy reviewing President Trump’s nominations to lead the federal departments and agencies. These heads of departments will also make up the majority of his Cabinet.

Thus far, the Senate has confirmed the majority of President Trump’s cabinet. However, two cabinet positions, the Secretary for the Department of Agriculture and the Secretary for the Department of Labor, and one cabinet-level position, the United States Trade Representative, remain to be confirmed. Dozens of other high ranking administrations officials are also still pending confirmations.

Typically, the Senate’s confirmation process for the head of a federal department begins with an initial confirmation hearing in the committee or committees of jurisdiction. There, members can question the candidate and learn more about their policy positions.

Confirmation hearings are followed by a vote in the committee to advance the nomination to the full Senate floor, ending in a full vote by the Senate to confirm or reject the nominee.

What follows is a list of President Trump’s nominations for his Cabinet and their current status along the confirmation process. The list is in the order of the presidential line of succession.

Also included are some Cabinet-level and other administration positions that are not officially part of Trump’s Cabinet, but still require Senate confirmation.

Note: This report is up-to-date as of Monday, May 15. Dates of confirmation hearings, committee votes and full Senate votes are subject to change.

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TSS Cabinet Update