Lindsay Austin

Lindsay Austin is Director of Federal Affairs in the Washington, D.C. office of Troutman Sanders Strategies.

Ms. Austin brings to the firm over a decade of congressional and legislative experience as well as experience as a Washington government relations representative to corporations, organizations, and universities. Ms. Austin has managed multiple clients, with an emphasis on healthcare, health information technology, food safety, agriculture, education, and appropriations advocacy. Ms. Austin has years experience in Government Affairs where she combines her political and policy know-how with her Washington and Georgia network to build strategy for clients at the federal level.

Currently, Ms. Austin represents clients in Washington by providing a wide range of tailored services including but not limited to:

  • Advocacy and Federal Representation – works with each client to develop a comprehensive and unique strategy to achieve federal policy objectives. Activity includes legislative strategy development, policy analysis and development, message development, navigating committees, and relationship building;
  • Coalition Building – builds key partnerships for clients that enhance the overall objectives for a client’s government relations plan;
  • Reputation Management – advises clients on building their “federal brand”, as well as relationship building with the federal government. Assists clients through the process of policymaking while protecting political positioning and their industry reputation;
  • Federal Funding & Appropriations – works closely with appropriators and the Administration to develop support for clients’ projects or programs of merit. Activity includes grant support, research and development funding, and federal loan guarantees, among others;
  • Federal Opportunities – works with clients to maximize sales of goods and services to the federal government. Ms. Austin has experience developing strategy to build contracting opportunities for clients;
  • Political Intelligence – builds strategy for clients based on the ever-changing political field in DC and nationally. Supports client business development decisions by tracking and advising on politics and campaigns. Provides inside information, policy development, and analysis of political trends that might impact a company or organization;
  • Fundraising and PAC (Political Action Committee) – advises clients on PAC contributions and political landscape. Develops strategy for managing client PAC in DC and locally;
  • Communications, Event Planning & Media Strategy – advises clients on media and communications plans in Washington, as well as event coordination.

Ms. Austin worked in the Georgia congressional delegation as an aide to U.S. Representative Lynn Westmoreland, a Republican representing Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District for six years. During her time on Capitol Hill, Ms. Austin maintained a diverse portfolio of policy issues including healthcare, agriculture, energy, education, environment, natural resources, and small business.

Ms. Austin also managed the Congressman’s Small Business Committee assignment on which he served as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Regulations and Healthcare. Her work with the Small Business Committee revolved primarily around federal regulatory policy and its impact on small business. She managed hearings on various topics such as the impact of healthcare policy (ACA), food recalls, energy and environmental regulatory policy, health information technology, provider payment policy, product safety, and renewable fuel standard policy.

Also while on Capitol Hill, Ms. Austin regularly worked with Republican and Democrat congressional offices, House and Senate committees, and various government agencies throughout the federal government and the State of Georgia. She formed strong working relationships with a multitude of trade associations, business leaders, coalitions and organizations, and through these connections and affiliations, Ms. Austin has built an extensive knowledge of the complicated legislative and political process that guides federal policymaking.

Ms. Austin attended the University of Georgia and received her B.A. in Advertising from the Grady College of Journalism.  In addition to working on Capitol Hill, she has political campaign experience from her work on several Georgia races.

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