Energy & Natural Resources

The energy industry, the access and use of natural resources, and resulting environmental policy is rapidly changing in the 21st century. With an in-depth knowledge of how the energy and environmental industries operate in conjunction with the federal and state governments, our team is uniquely capable of delivering the prowess that these industries command.


Our representative experience includes Fortune 500 energy companies, utilities, major public water supply and water pollution agencies, cities, and counties throughout the country.  Our team has been deeply involved in major energy and environmental issues over the last several decades, as well as appropriations issues that affect water and infrastructure.  We have also adapted to the ever-evolving energy landscape, and the challenges posed to the energy and natural resource industries, specifically utilities.  This includes advising on and influencing major cybersecurity legislation, as well as the evolving use of nuclear, natural gas, and solar as energy resources.


We maintain strong relationships and communicate daily with key government organizations, policymakers, and their staff at both the federal and state levels, on issues important to our clients.  Our team upholds a substantial record of success related to energy and environmental policies and regulatory matters related to utilities, renewables, clean air issues, drinking water, water pollution, and endangered species.

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